Heading to the F1 Singapore Grand Prix this season? Here’s everything you need to know before you go.

We attended the electrifying Singapore Grand Prix in 2022 and, as huge Formula One fans, witnessing the world’s fastest cars racing through the streets of Singapore was an experience we won’t forget any time soon.

From the moment we stepped foot into the legendary Marina Bay Street Circuit, the atmosphere was highly charged. The crowd was buzzing with excitement, and the anticipation of high-speed action was palpable.

But it wasn’t just the heart-pounding races that made the weekend so incredible. The sensational concerts featuring big-name artists that took the entertainment factor to a whole new level. As the sun set over the majestic cityscape, the stage came alive.

Despite our excitement, there are a few things we wish we had known beforehand to make our experience even better. Fear not, we’re here to spill the secrets on the Singapore GP, so you can have an incredible experience, too.

F1 Singapore: What to Know Before You Go


F1 Singapore night race sign

Ticket prices inevitably soar every single season, though Singapore remains one of the more moderately-priced Grand Prix locations. Buy your tickets directly through the Singapore GP website and NOT through ticket touts. Or you might find yourself scammed out of your tickets. 

Tickets range from the cheaper Walkabout, which grants you free reign to certain sections of the GP (though you won’t get guaranteed seats), to certain Grandstand seats. And even full hospitality tickets which can have you rubbing shoulders with the drivers.

Since we were on a budget, we only had Bay Grandstand tickets and access to zones 3 and 4. But it was still an amazing experience that we would totally recommend if you’re in Singapore at the time of the Grand Prix.

Singapore GP Zones

F1 Singapore circuit map
Image Credit: Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

There are four major zones at the Singapore Grand Prix. Each ticket allows you access into different sections – this is worth bearing in mind when you purchase your ticket. Here’s a brief overview of the main benefit of each zone…

Zone 1 is where you will find the pits and the Wharf Stage, while the Singapore Flyer is in Zone 2. The largest grandstand, the Bay Grandstand, can be found in Zone 3 and Zone 4 is home to the Padang Stage, where huge concerts are held each night.

Getting to the Singapore Grand Prix

The MRT system in Singapore is easily the best way to get to the circuit. For Zone 4 and 3 ticket holders you can use the East West Line (green) or North South Line (red) to City Hall or Raffles Place station or the Circle Line (orange) to Esplanade. Zone 1 and 2 ticket-holders can use the Downtown Line (blue) or take the Circle Line to Promenade.

F1 Singapore Concert

F1 Singapore concert

The F1 Singapore Concert was a highlight of our weekend. We got to see the Black Eyed Peas, Green Day, The Kid Laroi, among plenty of others. There are two main stages: the larger one in Zone 4 (Padang) where the headline artists perform and a smaller stage in Zone 1 (The Wharf) for lowkey performances throughout the day. 

If seeing concerts is a high priority, make sure you have tickets to access the zone where the concert is being held. Check the timetable in advance to see who’s performing when!

Our F1 Singapore Experience

Our first experience of the Singapore GP was incredible (minus the horrific rainstorm that delayed the Sunday race – more on that anon.) We were happy with Bay Grandstand tickets, but you should accept that you could be seated anywhere and can be very far back from the track. 

To be quite honest, next time we will probably opt for walkaround tickets as they are great for the practice sessions. Though, this does mean that we would have to wait very early to get a good spot for qualifying and on race day. Still, we walked around and tried different locations during practice and found lots of cool places where we could get really close to the track.

Get food way in advance of the race or qualifying, as the lines were huge at this time. Sure, the food is expensive but so is Singapore. And it still has better prices than at lots of other races (cough cough, Miami). What we had – chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and nachos – was solid and pricing was not too ridiculous.

The only downer of the entire weekend was when we got stuck in a rainstorm just before the race. Heed our warnings and be prepared with umbrellas, ponchos, and towels to dry yourself with.

F1 Singapore Top Tips

The Best Spots

F1 Singapore track view from stand

You want to know the best places to see cars on track, right? We’ve got the lowdown…

There are lots of stands along the straight after turn 13, where you’ll also get some insane views of Marina Bay (especially as it gets darker).

One of our favourite spots was the sheltered area at the very back of the Esplanade (near The Coffee Bean). This spot is especially ideal if it is raining as it has cover, and you can see the track unobstructed by barriers. We chose to stand here a lot of the time, despite having seats.

There are plenty of brilliant viewing stands between turn 7, 8, and 9 – just try to get there early and snag the best view.

If you have Bay Grandstand tickets (like we did) there’s a chance you could be allocated seats quite far back in the stand. So, to see the track (and the cars) up close, make use of the practice sessions and head to our best spot recommendations. 

These spots are packed super early before qualifying and the GP. And, let’s be real, when the race is on, it’s way better to have a guaranteed seat to enjoy the race.

Spotting the Drivers

Unfortunately, you’re only likely to see the drivers if you have Zone 1 access where you can spot them at meet-ups or around the paddock. But, don’t panic – you’ll have the opportunity to see them on track before the race as they get driven around the circuit in a driver’s parade.

Budget Tips

View from the Bay Grandstand, F1 Singapore grand prix

This GP can definitely be done on a budget (by GP standards). We paid £212 each for tickets for seats in the bay grandstand for the entire 3 days. 

We didn’t think the food was too pricey (especially compared to our home GP, Silverstone). Even so, there are plenty of places to eat just outside the circuit. The nearby McDonalds was buzzing at the end of each day.

Or you can head to the 7/11 in Esplanade to grab snacks. It’s easy to leave and reenter with your ticket. But just be aware there might be a bit of a queue to get back in.

Another way to save some cash: if you have access to Zone 2, you will be able to ride the Singapore Flyer (the huge ferris wheel!) for free.

Bring an Umbrella

F1 car in the rain, F1 Singapore

When it rains in Singapore, it rains hard. If you suddenly decide you need an umbrella, you’ll probably find they’re all sold out (been there, done that). But, we recommend checking the shops at Esplanade first. They are tucked away and usually have a stash of umbrellas.

Areas to Cool Down

This GP is so sweaty and, we’ll be honest, there aren’t too many places to find shade. Make sure you head to Esplanade to get some AC once in a while. Also the toilets here are way nicer than the portaloos!

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