6 Wonderful Ways to Give Back and Volunteer in Bali

Looking to volunteer in Bali? Here are 6 incredible ways to give back to the Island of Gods.

In June 2023, we spent a month immersing ourselves in Bali. And we loved it. But we also became aware of a few issues around the island – ones that you don’t see on TikTok,  mainly to do with trash, stray dogs, and a decaying coral reef.

While we indulged in island life, we also wanted to give back. We did this in a few easy ways – by litter picking on the beach, supporting an adorable cause, and helping to release baby sea turtles.

Engaging in acts of kindness and responsible tourism ensures that Bali’s allure remains intact for generations to come. So, as you embark on your Balinese adventure, consider adding a touch of purpose to your journey – make it a trip not just to remember, but one that truly makes a difference.

Top Ways to Give Back in Bali

Go Litter Picking with Trash Hero Canggu

Litter picking on Bali beach

Want to volunteer in Bali and contribute to preserving the island’s breathtaking beaches? Trash Hero Canggu provides the perfect opportunity. Every Sunday at around 4:30pm, a group of enthusiastic volunteers gathers near Old Man’s bar to embark on a litter-picking adventure. 

Armed with bags and tools provided by the organisation, you’ll spend an hour cleaning up the beach, collecting discarded waste and plastic that threaten Bali’s natural beauty. After the cleanup, everyone gathers to weigh the collected trash, celebrating the positive impact made on the environment. 

The best part? No need to book in advance; you can simply turn up and play your part in creating a cleaner and greener Bali.

We did this during our last trip to Bali and it was surprisingly fun – it’s a great way to make friends and also do your part to keep Bali clean. We were pretty shocked by the amount of rubbish we saw on the island (particularly in Canggu) so we knew we wanted to help – even if we just played a small role.

Help Release Baby Sea Turtles in Kuta

Turtle release, Bali

Releasing baby sea turtles had been on our bucket lists for as long as we could remember. So, when we found out about The Bali Sea Turtle Society, we knew we had to get involved. This charity is a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting baby sea turtles on the island. 

Due to increased human and canine activity on the beaches, it’s no longer safe to leave turtle eggs in the sand. The charity takes the eggs to a protected sandpit near their headquarters, allowing the tiny hatchlings to emerge naturally. 

We were lucky enough to witness the magical sight of these baby turtles racing towards the ocean. The passion of the dedicated staff running the program was truly inspiring. 

To participate in a sea turtle release, keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates on dates and locations. Generally, the releases take place between June and October, and announcements are made on the same day.

Click here to watch our experience.

Change Lives for Stray Pups with Mission Pawsible

Mission pawsible dog

Mission Pawsible provides possibly the best way to help out and give back in Bali (and definitely the cutest). For animal lovers, Mission Pawsible is a heartwarming initiative that rescues stray dogs from the streets of Bali and gives them a second chance at life. 

We stumbled across an open day event by pure chance (a very happy accident) and were fortunate enough to meet these adorable pups. The stray dog situation in Bali is pretty evident no matter where you are on the island, so it was so nice to see some healthy looking pups getting the love and affection they deserve.

Founded by Aussies, this charity offers opportunities for adoption, allowing travellers to bring home a furry companion. They provide necessary vaccinations and treatments to the rescued dogs, preparing them for a happier and healthier future. 

Or, if you are unable to adopt, leaving a donation can significantly aid the cause. Just be aware that adopting a furry friend requires a home check, ensuring a safe and loving environment for the pups.

Eat at Local Spots Like Inklusiv Warung

Warung food in Bali

Calling all foodies; here’s an easy way to give back in Bali. There are so many brilliant places to eat in Bali that the array of food options can be overwhelming. While there are numerous acclaimed restaurants, the best food is usually found at local spots, also known as warungs. 

Inklusiv Warung not only serves up some of the most delectable food in Canggu but also champions a noble cause. By employing deaf individuals and those facing difficulties in finding employment, Inklusiv Warung empowers these individuals to thrive in the workforce. 

By dining at places like these, you not only relish the authentic flavours of Bali but also contribute to empowering the local community.

Take Part in a Marine Conservation Programme

Coral reef, Bali

As tourism in Bali has soared, so has the urgency to protect its precious ocean ecosystems. Taking part in a Marine Conservation Programme is perhaps one of the most important ways to volunteer in Bali. 

Coral Reef Restoration

Coral Reef Restoration stands out as a crucial undertaking. Volunteers play a pivotal role in transplanting broken coral and nurturing new baby coral, helping these delicate ecosystems thrive once more.

Sea Turtle Conservation

Another impactful endeavour is Sea Turtle Conservation, with Nusa Penida being an ideal location for this meaningful work. 

You’ll enjoy the privilege of protecting turtle eggs, caring for baby turtles, and guiding them safely to the ocean upon hatching. Witnessing these tiny creatures embark on their life journey is both heartwarming and rewarding.

Gili Shark Conservation

For those seeking a truly captivating way to volunteer in Bali, Gili Shark Conservation presents an opportunity like no other. As a volunteer, you’ll not only gain diving qualifications but also acquire the skills needed to become a shark warrior. 

You’ll have the chance to observe these majestic creatures up close and personal, while actively contributing to their protection and conservation.

Buy a 4ocean Band

Here’s a way to help out even if you can’t physically be on the beautiful island of Bali. Enter 4ocean, an ocean cleanup company with a dedicated mission to put an end to the ocean plastic crisis. 

This Bali-based company sells bracelets (we’re eyeing up the shark bracelets), and with each purchase, they remove one pound of trash from the oceans and coastlines. So, by supporting their cause, you’re actively contributing to cleaning up the ocean and preserving the natural beauty of Bali’s marine life. 

If bracelets aren’t your thing, don’t worry; you can also make a direct donation to help fund their crucial cleanup efforts.

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